Moman Stainless Steel Mini Tripod Camera Support Stand Base Table Top Tripod




Multi-functional monopod base is a newly developed all-purpose monopod base. The standard dual UNC3/8'' threaded mounting stud can be mounted on any Monopod. It breaks the normal simple function. It makes the real shooting for video and micro film by using 360°rotating base.


1. Made By Strength high polymer material and stainless steel
Press Monopod supporting part adopts the new extended and thickened design which provides a solid support. The monopod is made of strength high polymer material and 304 stainless steel and treated by high temperature and corrosion resistance.
It's key features are abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant,durable and wearable,suitable for different severe environment.
2. The Standard UNC3/8'' Threaded Mounting
Stud can be used on the tripods with integrated monopod function. It is a proper fit for all monopods.
3. Patented Structure, Legs Fixed When Tightened
Newest patented structure use the locking knob as picture shown, tighten it to fix the monopod, loosen it to adjust the monopod at the desired location as you need. It can reach a full multi-angle shooting.
4. Anti-skid Rubber Pad Design
The concavo-convex style bottom rubber pad design has better gripping force for more stable shooting.
5. Compact Folding Up Design
The unique press button foldable design, just press the button to fold up each leg, compact and easy to carry.

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