Zhiyun Crane-2 with Follow Focus for DSLR cameras up to 3.2Kg

by Zhiyun

 Zhiyun Crane 2: Move with your focus

-The world’s first 3-axis camera stabilizer with follow focus control.

    The Zhiyun Crane 2 three-axis camera stabilizer, while realizing film-grade performance breakthroughs in both motion sensitivity and precision control with newly optimized algorithm system and motor construction, has integrated a tactile and sturdy follow focus controller on its body previously unheard of in the industry. Featuring an OLED display design combined with quick control dial on its panel, you not only can see various stabilizer status at a glance, but can also make various camera & gimbal settings in a twist of fingers.

  • Real Time Follow Focus
  • Integrated with an unprecedented follow focus wheel on the body, Crane 2 allows ±0.02° precision real time focus control through camera cable connection, so that you can always keep your subject in focus while moving, setting free your camera for more dedicated task.

  • Intuitive OLED Display
  • The OLED display menu on the control panel keeps a close and instant interaction between you, your camera and your stabilizer. The intuitive interface design help you easily identify the connection status, battery level, control mode and multiple camera params, giving you full control over every detail.

  • Innovative Quick Control Dial Design
  • The quick control dial on the control panel is like an integrated extension of your camera. You can either press or rotate the dial to make various camera parameter settings such as TV, AV, ISO and EV, giving you seamless camera control independently from any software applications.

  • Integrated Function with Simplified Design
  • With both functionality and operability in mind, Crane 2 is ergonomically designed with a user-friendly control panel integrating a joystick, quick control dial and follow focus controller, together with an intuitive OLED display, making your camera truly within easy hand control.

  • 3.2KG Max. Payload
  • Empowered by the 6th Gen. Instune Algorithm System which realizes 50% increase in motor torque and 100% improvement in respond speed, the Crane 2 sets up a new benchmark for the industry supporting a max. payload of 3.2kg, mountable by all models of DSLR and mirrorless camera on the market, ensuring smooth and unrestricted shooting even under extreme conditions.

  • 18 Hour Runtime for Longtime Task
  • Three high energy efficiency 18650 rechargeable batteries give the Crane 2 maximum runtime of 18 hours with 6000mAh capacity. Meanwhile, the Crane 2 allows convenient real-time charging to the camera even when your camera is without batteries.

  • 3 Levels of Focus Adjustment
  • Designed with 3 levels of focus adjustment, Crane 2 allows precise and fast focus control by rotating the follow focus controller on the side of the panel.

  • Quick Release Plate by MANFROTTO Standard
  • Crane 2 comes standard with a durable quick release plate that meets the MANFROTTO standard, which allows you to mount your camera quickly to the stabilizer or tripod nice and tight simply with a sliding of the plate, sparing you a lot of time of painstaking reassembling.

  • Slow-fall System for Camera Protection
  • Designed with a slow-fall system for power-off protection, Crane 2 can land down your camera nice and steady avoiding sudden drop when powering off the stabilizer.

  • Complete Kits to Go
  • Crane 2 comes standard with a comprehensive accessories kit, including camera control cables to connect with various brand cameras, an Aluminum alloy tripod, and EVA carrying bag, ideal for videographers stepping up their game.

  • Specifications:
  • Payload: 1.54-7.05 lb
    Battery Runtime: 12-18h.
    Roll Angle Range: 360 unlimited degree; Pan Angle Range: 360 unlimited degree; Tilt Angle Range: 320 degree.

    Get tutorial in English here: https://mega.nz/#!ZiplxB7T!yfsWFMi4osl7JoOJPPZkjKkKrWGHqtFeCbER4iu0qWk


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